3CX Phone System Licensing

Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous calls that your company requires, including both external and internal calls. Each 3CX Phone
System allows you to create an UNLIMITED number of extensions. To arrive at the correct number of simultaneous calls that you will need you
must usually take the projected number of extensions and divide by two to four times depending on how much your organisation uses the phone.

3CX Phone System Editions
  • 3CX Phone System is available in three different editions:
  • Free Edition – All features but limited to two simultaneous calls
  • Standard Edition – Includes all key features necessary.
  • PRO Edition – Adds advanced call queueing, reporting, CRM integration and more
  • Virtual PBX – your own dedicated virtual PBX completely separated from and unaffected by other tenants
  • Find out more about the differences between versions from our Features Comparison
3CX Phone System

3CX is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) that
your company makes. All editions support an unlimited number of extensions. New
licenses are sold via the 3CX world wide Partner network, although support and
maintenance can be purchased directly from 3CX. Request a quote for a complete
phone system including hardware here or find a 3CX Partner. View these sample
configurations quotes to get an idea of the cost of a complete solution.

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phone system

3CX WebMeeting

Pricing is based on the number of participants attending a meeting on the server at the same time,
regardless of how many meetings are being held simultaneously. No per user licensing means
unlimited users for all editions. 3CX WebMeeting is available in two editions:

  • Integrated with 3CX Phone SystemLaunch web meetings from 3CX Phone System (free for up to 25 participants).
  • 3CX WebMeeting ServerHost meetings on-premise. Pricing is for a perpetual license and includes one year of maintenance.

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web meeting

3CX Maintenance

Each new license includes one year of free maintenance. Maintenance requires
correct end-user details otherwise it will not be activated. A maintenance package
entitles you to free updates and free downloads of any new versions that are released.

After the first year, you must purchase maintenance WITHIN 30 days of the
maintenance expiry date to continue receiving these benefits. If you do not renew your
maintenance and wish to upgrade to the latest version once a new version is released,
you will have to buy a version upgrade.

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3CX Hotel Module

The 3CX Hotel module offers hotel specific functions such as Check-In, Check-Out
and Wake up calls. Offered with or without Hotel Software (PMS) integration.
More information here.

Product Edition:

Hotel Module without PMS Integration

Hotel Module with PMS Integration

All the above 3CX Hotel Modules include 1 year 3CX Maintenance.

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Edition and Version Upgrades

Pricing for edition upgrades apply to the latest version only.
If a customer has purchased Maintenance, the new version of software must be
installed and activated prior to purchasing edition upgrade.

Licenses with active Maintenance and Support contracts will have pro-rate fees
applied to these contracts when upgrading from one edition to another.
Edition upgrades do not include version upgrades. These need to be acquired

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3CX Product Support

Although 3CX recommends buying and obtaining support via a 3CX Partner, we do provide
support packages available for customers that can not find a suitable partner in their area.
Support is available via email, live chat and phone.

Help on configuring 3CX Phone System and questions in relation to its operation.
Troubleshooting of supported gateways in 3CX Phone System with STANDARD TEMPLATED
Analysis of SIP logs in case of interoperability issues (Only for supported VoIP providers, IP
Phones or Gateways).

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